Moroccan Peaceful Protestors face Police Brutality

Moroccan police have attacked and arrested several protesters who took to the streets of Rabat to call for genuine educational reforms and to slam police brutality.

The peaceful rally was staged by Moroccan teachers protesting the country’s unfair educational system and condemning police brutality against peaceful demonstrators. 

Demonstrations against corruption, brutality and poverty have been held on an almost regular basis in Morocco over the past months. 

Moroccans approved a new constitution put to referendum in July 2011, which was the first under the 12-year rule of King Mohammed VI. 

The new constitution grants executive powers to a prime minister. However, the king remains the head of the military, religious authorities, and judiciary. 

Moroccans, however, demand deeper reforms and further action to contain corruption and unemployment, according to

Morocco has been facing serious economic problems over the past few years, with high unemployment and rising levels of poverty.