Morsi & Egyptians’ Last Divorce!!

It seems that the school of politicians in Egypt has been ruined a long ago, as it comes out with untalented and shiftless politicians to the arena, on which bats of darkness unwilling to leave, sticking to what they call “elections ballots”, which come out with pure democracy and freedom fills the land and the firmament.

The citizen has no enlightened choice for his homeland’s future, because he simply waited for long decades in return for “a knock at the door” accompanied by a temporary relief or a number of an official who can help in facing injustice of the regime.

Ads appeared on all the mass media embellished with talks about prosperous democratic life such as ‘Choose who can represent you in the Parliament!’ ‘Don’t be negative!’ ‘Be positive and vote!’ ‘By having our constitution, the production wheel will be pushed forward!’ ‘We bring Khairat (Khairat El-Shater’s interests) … sorry I mean ‘We bring prosperity to Egypt!’ ‘Renaissance represents the nation’s will’

For the last chant ‘Renaissance represents the nation’s will’, we can majorly feel the features of renaissance; the Muslim Brotherhood’s platform to upgrade the country.

Renaissance has indeed come into effect in our country!  We can see the violations against human rights have unprecedentedly escalated and excruciating torture is practiced in broad daylight by groups that resort to blood as a tool to negotiate with its opponents. Another feature of Muslim Brotherhood’s Renaissance is highly represented in the current nation-wide state of lawlessness.

Up till now, I can’t understand the secret behind President and the Muslim Brotherhood’s intransigence swimming against the current to deliberately exclude their opponents by misleading the crowd.

Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood tends to destroy its opponents’ reputations bypassing the core objectives of democracy which stand for getting people’s participation, being positive about introducing change towards the best, defending the nation’s rights to enjoy honorable lives. The core objectives of democracy can also represented in forming a powerful government able to introduce creative ideas to solve the country’s sustainable problems.

The President and Muslim Brotherhood seem that they see what is unseen for us, as Mohamed Morsi affirmed in his last interview. The country has become fragmented with entire governorates revolting against Morsi, not the state, as Port Said and other Suez Canal Cities are still Egyptian cities even if they are out of Morsi’s control.

The lawlessness become unprecedented as the policemen revolted against the Minister of Interior,  arson and looting have become daily routines, roads are blocked hourly, diesel crisis paralyzes transportation movements and commerce, relation between presidency and military became unclear, and calls for military coup are echoed by many. All these incidents have not alerted the President and MB who still desire to “reap the benefits” alone and gain more power in the upcoming parliamentary elections, forgetting that there is only one straw that will break the camel’s back ( ties between the ruling regime and Egyptian people).

The current regime and the former one are more or less “twins”, as the current one is efectiently following the track of Mubarak’s regime in all aspects even in the method of calling elections and perceiving opposition which became a way to hide dictatorship under the guise of fake freedom and democracy, assuming to the world that the country is witnessing the most flourishing Renaissance era, as if Egyptians did not revolt to reach freedom without being manipulated by “wolves” howling to raise fears at times and reconciling to reach their goals at other times.

In my book there is no solution to this crystal clear situation except boycotting and completely rejecting all deals with a political regime that reconciled with the former one and issued an election law by the Shura Council that was legitimized by a constitution which was written after besieging the Supreme Constitutional Court.

The boycott means disclosing the political futility in front of the whole world, as well as those who establish misconceptions through urging people voting “yes” for the constitution. The constitution has come into effect on the law’s dead body.  Even though we still see the imprisonment of innocents is so far ongoing and the president still intervenes in matters not related to his responsibilities, the Companions ‘MBs and the Salafists’ – who have co-founded the constitution – become foes exchanging hostile tweets.

The boycott is indeed a promising tool to establish an organized honest opposition, so that the MB’s scheme of having a powerless opposition in the parliament would be foiled

The boycott shall also spoil the agreements set between El-Shater and the Salafists, and between Hassan Malek and former regime figures. The boycott’s promising fruits could also prevent the safe exit of Mubarak’s two most major fellows, Safwat El-Sherif and Zakaria Azmy.

The boycott stands for saying ‘No’ to the current regime’s concept of Egypt is not for all Egyptians.