Most Egyptians say Subsidised Commodities ‘Improved’ – Poll

Eighty three of Egyptians are reasonably satisfied with the quality of subsidized commodities provided, an opinion poll has shown.

The voters said the new subsidy system has witnessed a remarkable improvement in terms of the quality of the commodities.

The Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research (Baseera)’s poll commissioned by the leading economic magazine Amwal Al Ghad. Baseera has polled out 550 voters of 18 years and older.

The voters further added that they now have the freedom to choose a list of 40 foods and other commodities including meat, chicken and beans, industrial products such as detergents, under the subsidy system, at affordable prices of 14 Egyptian pounds for each individual.

They also noted that the supply commodities are now offered in most of the governorates, according to the new system with the same quality of the private sector.

On the other hand, 13 percent stated that there is no improvement, citing an insufficiency of subsidised commodities in the supply offices. They also referred to the government’s failure in providing information and capabilities needed to enforce the new subsidy system.

Furthermore, they also said the government also did not complete the process of spreading the use of the smart cards instead of the traditional supply commodities card.

3 percent of the voters revealed that they cannot rate the supply commodities because they do not have the cards, while 1 percent said they have no idea about these commodities.

As for the subsided bread, 74 percent of the voters assured it has improved greatly throughout 2014. The subsided bread system made every individual the right to have 5 loaves a day with a certain quality.

The 74-perecent vote segment said 2014 has witnessed less queues for subsidised bread alongside the government’s efforts to combat the smuggling of the subsidised wheat.

On the other hand, 21 percent showed that the bread lines still exist.