Moukhtar Ibrahim starts residential works at Egypt’s new capital city

Egypt’s construction firm, Moukhtar Ibrahim has started carrying out six residential buildings in the third district at the country’s new administrative capital city, deputy chairman announced Saturday.

The buildings will be built through using various samples, at total cost of 75 million Egyptian pounds ($4.1 million), Mohamed Al-Khatib – deputy chairman of Moukhtar Ibrahim – told Amwal Al Ghad.

“We hope to deliver these residential units fully-furnished within one year at maximum,” Al-Khatib said.

“We are working as part of an alliance that consists of five major contractors assigned to carry out part of the residential units in the third district besides utilising and road works there, at total cost exceeding one billion pounds.” He added.

Moukhtar Ibrahim is also implementing utilising works for the first phase of the new capital city, which involved water lines and waste water networks, at total cost of 200 million pounds, the Egyptian official stated.

The company captures 20 percent of the total ongoing infrastructure and residential works in the new capital city, Al-Khatib concluded.