Amr Moussa: Next President Must Keep Parliament

Amr Moussa, the presidential candidate, said “the coming president shouldn’t dissolve the parliament and the constitutional declaration protects the presidential system”, “I will form the cabinet, in cooperation with the parliament, in case of winning the presidential elections”.

During the conference of Supporting Tourism Coalition, Moussa said Egypt is not in need for one-party domination. It needs balance between legislative authorities and the head of executive authorities; this balance is a basic matter for Egypt’s stability.

The coming president is responsible for backing Egypt to the right trajectory to establish the bases of development and to change the pattern of ruling in Egypt. The citizens should elect a president who is able to establish a civilian democratic state.

The presidential hopeful said he will form different councils for the national security, culture, arts, literature, special needs and the addicts who reached 10 millions. He will also work on electing the governorates, majors and members of local councils.

He emphasized on the necessity of tourism in which more than 5 million Egyptians work. The important thing to do during the coming period is to back the security and tourism.

As for opening the door to the Iranian tourism if he became a president, Moussa said it shouldn’t deal with Iran as an enemy, as it is a country in the Middle East and we have historic relations with it and also disputes concern the Arab countries and stability in the Gulf.

He emphasized on the necessity of allowing the tourism coming from Turkey, Tunis and Morocco.

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