MP Bassem Kamel bears Abou Ismail’s Supporters Violence Responsibility

Bassem Kamel, MP of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, bore the supporters of the disqualified candidate Hazem Salah Abou Ismail, the military council as well as the ministry of interior the responsibility of the violence incidents happened in front of defense ministry and Abbasiya Square. The clashes this morning left 8 people dead and dozens injured.

In his statements to “Amwal Al Ghad”, Kamel said the impulsive acts of Abou Ismail’s supporters by sitting-in in front of the defense ministry sparked off the crisis, in addition, the complicity of the security forces representing in the ministry of interior and the army as they didn’t secure this sit-in.

Commenting on the Dr Saad Al katani’s decision of suspending the parliamentary sessions, Kamel said: “the suspension decision backs to the Muslim Brotherhood which resulted in cracking the relation between the MPs, and also between the members of Freedom and Justice party.

He finished saying: “at the beginning we refused Al-Ganzouri’s government, it’s a failure on; but it has to continue till June 30 in order to be reshuffled”.

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