National Security and Defense committee discusses the NGOs Case

On the background of the last crisis raised by allowing 19 foreigners to travel, as the defendants are accused with working for NGOs with legal permission and politically interfered in Egypt’s affairs, the national security and defense committee holds today, Sunday, a meeting for discussing the crisis and also the last week government’s statement by Kamal Al Ganzouri, was about the security side.

Dr Fareed Ismail Abdel Halem, the committee’s agent, said that decision of lifting travel ban on NGOs case defendants is “a shame on the government”, as this matter form a critical threat on the Egyptian national security and considered to be an intervention in Egyptian sovereignty.

On this side, he assured that the junta has a strong tendency to nix the statement, and to withdraw confidence from govt, referring that the last statement was disappointed, and meets people’s demands; moreover, it doesn’t have solutions for the lax of security in Egyptian street.