Natural deaths among Egyptian hajj pilgrims rises to 75: MENA

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The death toll from natural causes among Egyptians taking part in the annual hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia has reached 75, state news agency MENA reported late Friday.

The most recent deaths were that of a 59-year old woman from Alexandria governorate who died in a hospital in Mecca and an 87-year old man from Gharbiya governorate who died in a Medina hospital. Both cases died from cardiac arrest.

Deaths from heat exhaustion, fatigue, and other natural causes are a common occurrence among pilgrims on the hajj in Saudi Arabia.

The five-day pilgrimage started a week past Wednesday and concluded on Monday of last week. Egyptians are currently waiting in Saudi Arabia for their scheduled flights or ferries to return home.

In 2016, 43 Egyptians died of natural causes during the pilgrimage.

Saudi authorities say more than two million Muslims participated in this year’s hajj season.

Source: Ahram online