NBE Urges CBE to Add Money Transfer Service for Egyptians Abroad

Hazem Hegazy, GM-Retail Banking Group Head at National Bank of Egypt (NBE), has revealed that NBE is calling the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) in order to add new applications regarding Money Transfer Via Mobile phone service ‘Phone Cash’ to permit providing the service for the Egyptians abroad.

Hegazy added in an exclusive to Amwal Al Ghad that the current service includes  Money Transfer service for the Egyptians abroad as well as denote money transfer to various parties, noting that the Bank is seeking to call CBE within the next months so as to add applications of money transfer for Egyptians abroad to attract many hard currencies.

Hegazy has emphasized that Money Transfer service has been applied in a wrong time due to Egypt’s political  and security unrest which experienced by Egypt during the last period.

Hegazy has pointed out that the number of customers reached 600 and this is a little number, asserting that NBE is targeting to raise the number of customers to 100.000.

He has asserted that the political and security stability will raise the number of customers, noting that the Bank is seeking to boost the number of the submitted electronic services.