Newt Gingrich says his competitors are ‘chickens’ for not wanting to debate

Former Speaker of the House and current GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has accused his Republican White House competitors of being afraid of debating him – in Gingrich’s words: they’re ‘chickens.’ 
As Gingrich appeared at a rally in Peachtree City which is in his home state of Georgia, some of his volunteers dressed as chickens to emphasize the point that Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul are chickens – afraid of him – and have chosen to skip next month’s televised debate in Atlanta.  The debate was being organized by the GOP in Georgia and Ohio.    

Gingrich blasted his opponents by saying:

“If you’re afraid to debate Newt Gingrich, you sure can’t debate Barack Obama… I hink the average Georgian and the average Ohioan is <sic> going to say ‘Let me get this straight: they’re not willing to come here to debate, but they want my vote?  Frankly there is something wrong when somebody tries to buy their way to the presidency with negative ads and won’t stand out in the open”.  

Posters displayed by the chickens read ‘I’m chicken to debate Newt’ and ‘76 Delegates – but Mitt and Rick don’t want them!’

Gingrich was the front-runner when he won South Carolina’s primary at the beginning of the year but quickly plummeted below Romney and Santorum since.  However, he is reportedly doing quite well with financial contributions via Super PAC support.

Source: Telegraph