Nissan, KidZania to establish 1st role-play auto-production line in Egypt

Nissan Egypt is set to cooperate with KidZania Cairo to establish a role-play attraction modelled after their automotive production line at KidZania Edutainment Park.

Through this initiative, Nissan will provide a unique opportunity for younger generations to learn about Nissan products and engage in the excitement that stems from the manufacturing process experience.

The managing director and chairperson of Nissan Motors Egypt, Isao Sekiguchi, said that the company always focuses on the importance of innovation and generating excitement in all the events and activities it does. The children participating in KidZania will have the opportunity to become real Nissan engineers and will help in the construction of the Nissan Sunny, one of the company’s popular models.

For his part, Moataman Daader, CEO of KidZania Cairo, expressed his honour and pleasure that Nissan Motors has joined the list of Kidzania Cairo partners. He believes that this partnership will help teach children in fun, useful, and practical ways.

Daader added that the partnership with Nissan is of the most important achievements of Kidzania Cairo this year. Children will be divided into teams to practice how to assemble cars and pass safety tests. There will also be driving tests followed by medical tests to obtain KidZania’s driving licence.

He hopes that the partnership with Nissan can stimulate the minds of young people to acquire unique expertise through role-play and practices of teamwork, commitment, and precision. Children will also be able to learn more about the company standards to ensure passenger safety.

Sekiguchi commented that one of the moments that he could never forget was when they gave the first driving licence to one of the children. He said that they seek to share those unique moments with the children as they learn to plan, create, and drive around KidZania.

For an added treat, he pointed out that the company has added the popular Nismo sports brand that allows children to race models of Nissan’s popular high performance division through racing cabins designed by Nissan and GT Academy.

Nissan considers Egypt to be one of the most important counties in North Africa. To maintain growth and prosperity in the Egyptian market, the automotive manufacturer desires to provide a standard of excellence and quality for its customers. The company believes that the partnership with KidZania Cairo will show that it wishes to develop a new standard for innovation and excitement.

Nissan’s new investment plans in Egypt will launch during this current period and certainly will enable it to be one of the most noticeable trademark models in the next period.

The celebration of the new partnership between Nissan Egypt and Kidzania Cairo was held last week and was attended by Sekiguchi, Daader, and Edrak CEO Amr Samy. Edrak’s sales director and governor of Kidszania Cairo, Abdel-Fattah Fakhreldin, also attended the event.