Nivine El-Kabbag highlights importance of investments in Africa

Nivine El-Kabbag, Egyptian Minister of Social Solidarity, spoke about the importance of investments in Africa during the opening of the Builders of Egypt Forum on Sunday.

El-Kabbag said that rather than speaking about the COVID-19 and the Russia-Ukraine war crisis, this year in the Forum she would rather speak about the importance of investments for the infrastructure and for humanity.

The minister added to her speech during the eighth edition of the forum that investments in Africa will turn the continent into a world food basket.

According to El-Kabbag, Africa holds 40 percent of the world’s gold, 90 percent of the world’s chrome and platinum, 12 percent of oil, eight percent of natural gas, as well as 65 percent of  agricultural land.

She closed her statement by saying that countries should focus on their 2065 vision and not just the 2030 vision.

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