No Threats Against Embassies In Cairo: Aswat Masriya

Egyptian security forces haven’t received any reports of threats against foreign embassies in Cairo, despite a spate of closures for security concerns, Reuters’ Aswat Masriya reported on Monday.

Cairo Security Director Aly El-Demerdash said neither the foreign ministry nor embassies sent notifications of threats. He added that there is a heavy security deployment in the Garden City district near downtown Cairo where many embassies are located.

A number of diplomatic missions in Egypt have closed their doors or updated their travel advice over the past two days, citing security concerns.
Public services at the British embassy in Cairo remain suspended for a second day.

Ambassador John Casson said in a statement on Monday that the decision was taken to ensure the security of the embassy and its staff.

Similarly, the Canadian embassy closed on Monday, citing “unsettled security conditions.”

The German embassy also said in a short statement it would close its visa department on Thursday.

Meanwhile, sources denied to state news agency MENA on Monday rumours that the Australian and US embassies were also closing.

However, both embassies have issued security warnings. Australia updated its travel advice, warning of reports indicating terrorists may be planning attacks against embassies in the capital.

The US embassy issued a warning to its nationals on Thursday, saying “in light of the heightened tensions and recent attacks on westerners in the region” embassy staff were advised to stay close to their residences.

In November, Egypt arrested a US-Egyptian citizen and accused him of having posted on jihadist websites a threat to attack American and other international schools in the region.

In late October, US embassies in the Gulf states of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and the United Arab Emirates, as well as the mission in Egypt, called for vigilance over a threat to American schools there.

Terrorist attacks in Egypt have mainly targeted army and police personnel and institutions in North Sinai governorate, but attacks have extended to Cairo and Nile Delta governorates. Although they were not the target of these attacks, civilians were also harmed.

The last terrorist attack against tourists in Egypt took place in February, when unknown assailants targeted a tourist bus in the Red Sea resort town of Taba, killing three Korean tourists and their Egyptian bus driver.

Many western countries imposed travel warnings to Egypt at the time, but most warnings were lifted over the summer.

Source : Ahram online