Non-banking financing tools conference kicks off in Egypt

Non-banking financing tools conference started in Cairo on Tuesday shedding the light on latest legislative and regulatory developments in the field of non-traditional financing tools.

The conference was inaugurated by Minister of Public Sector Affair, Ashraf El Sharkawy, and the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority EFSA’s Chairman Sherif Samy.

In addition, the event, organized by Financial Services Institute (FSI) and affiliate of EFSA, is attended by those who are working field of non-traditional financing tools, experts in the non-banking financial sector and leaders of the business sector.

The conference will define the available financing tools which could be used to provide the targeted economic development and related infrastructure projects with non-traditional financing tools along with traditional tools namely bank loans. These tools would provide the small and medium-sized companies of the private or public sectors with the necessary financing needs so as to achieve the growth and sustainability.

On the other hand, Shahinaz Rashad said that the conference will discuss the development that occurred over two years in most of non-banking financing channels, including the capital market in terms of stocks, bonds and securitization in addition to financial leasing, real estate finance and factoring.

The conference will discuss the role of Sukuk in financing national projects and technical aspects in addition to charitable funds and its role in the development of the community.

She added that the conference will include a panel discussion at a workshop between representatives of companies and institutions operating in non-banking financial sector (Capital Market – Insurance – real estate Finance – financial Leasing – Factoring – microfinance) and in the presence of representatives of investment departments at banks, as well as a number of listed companies at the Egyptian Stock Exchange.