Egypt Says Price Terms Approval to Unlock Long-awaited Licence for Mobile Operators

Eng. Hesham Alayli CEO of National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA) asserted that the mobile phone operators have the right to obtain the International Gateway License in case of agreeing on its current price.

Alayli explained that the law stipulates that the companies which operating in the market have the right to get any features or additional conditions obtained by new firms which enter the market in this case Mobinil and Vodafone  have the right to obtain a license after passing international calls for Etisalat Egypt.

An official source in NTRA revealed that the price of the International Gateway License up around EGP4 billion.

Meanwhile determining a date for international gateway and prices it is one of the outstanding problems between mobile phone operators and Telecom Egypt (ETAL-CA)(TE).

Three operators called to obtain international gateway license in conjunction with offering the integrated operator license.

The trade volume between TE and mobile operators reach EGP4 billion, Vodafone and Mobinil pay EGP2.5 billion the value of international gateway services and EGP1.5 billion which pay by three operators.