Occupancy Rate in Cairo Tower Approaches 100%

Medhat Mamdouh, Cairo Tower Marketing Director, expected the average of occupancy rate in the tower’s restaurants reaches 80% during Ramadan (Islamic Month).

Mamdouh said the prices of the revolving restaurant’s offers during Ramadan ranger from EGP150 to 190; expecting the occupancy rate in all the restaurant will reach 100%.

He explained that Sky Garden restaurant provides special offers on Efftar, during Ramadan, through Offerna Website, reaches EGP 140 instead of EGP 320; includes Efftar and entering the tower. He expected the occupancy rate reach 80%.

Mamdouh said the restaurant provides special offers for Efftar in VIP restaurant , with prices range from EGP 140 to 180; expecting the occupancy rate reach 100% during Ramadan.