Arab Contractors, Orascom to establish new Plant in West Suez

Egypt’s Arab Contractors (AC) in cooperation with Orascom Construction (OC) will establish a new plant in west of Suez city, dedicated for the new Suez Canal Projects’ tunnels.

With investments worth 200 million Egyptian pounds (US$26.2 million), the new plant is set to produce sprayed concrete lining that are used for the new canal’s tunnels.

Arab contractor’s chairman Mohsen Salah affirmed that the launch of the new plant aims at providing the necessary raw material to build the tunnels in line with receiving the drilling equipments to resume works on the new canal.

Salah added that the new plant is high priority to empower the AC-OC alliance to implement more major tunnel projects. The plant is designated to produce sprayed concrete lining used in the tunnels’ bodies, the official noted, referring that it would also include new units to produce ready mix concrete.

He stressed that the plant is not only dedicated for tunnel projects but also for completing development projects in the new Suez Canal.