Omega Soft to convert Luxor into Smart City

Omega Soft Projects Company is to start a project to convert Egypt’s Upper Egyptian city, Luxor, to be the first smart city after Eid vacation, CEO Ashraf Atteya said Sunday.

The project’s cost, which the company will totally afford, is ranging between 2-3 million Egyptian pounds, the CEO stated.

Omega Soft Projects is a top quality Government software and IT services provider of high-end business solutions to clients across the GCC and Africa.

The project is to be carried out within one year, Atteya expected, adding that choosing Luxor governorate was due to Minister of Communication Khaled Negm’s orders to upgrade governmental services in all Egyptian governorates.

Atteya added that the project includes facilitating the governmental procedures for citizens, investors and tourists by providing electronic platforms online to execute the governmental services in addition to upgrading applications for smartphones that allow Egyptian and foreign citizens to get services.

Omega soft Projects has signed cooperation agreement with Ministry of Communication and Luxor governorate recently to facilitate the governmental procedures for citizens, Atteya said.

Moreover, the CEO added that the company intends to repeat this experience in Giza and Alexandria governorates later.