Opposition Figures Refuse To Meet With U.S. Secretary Of State

Head of Wafd Party, Sayed Badawi, refused on Friday the invitation of the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry for a meeting on Saturday, reported the Party’s news portal.

The spokesperson of the Party, Abdallah Moghazi, said that Badawi’s decision came after what was raised about the purpose of this meeting to pressure the leaders of the National Salvation Front to contest in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Most of the Opposition Parties have announced earlier their intention to boycott the elections saying there are not any guarantees for the integrity of the electoral process and in protest to the policies of President Mohamed Mursi.

Founder of the Egyptian Popular Current, Hamdeen Sabahi, and Head of the Dostour Party and Coordinator of the Salvation Front, Mohamed ElBaradei, have both announced that they turned down an invitation to meet with Kerry.

This step came following the calls of the U.S. State Department to Egypt’s opposition to participate in the parliamentary elections which was deemed as an “outright intervention” of the U.S. in the internal affairs of Egypt.