Orange Egypt’s Ramadan campaign features Al-Jasmi, raises Hope and Optimism

Orange Egypt has launched its new Ramadan campaign entitled “Sonnet El Hayah” which succeeded in boosting optimism and hope among the Egyptians.

Orange has decided to rely on real-life characters in the new ad especially during the current exceptional circumstances and was featured by the voice of the famous Emirati artist Hussain Al-Jasmi, who is known for his good relationship with the Egyptians in the times of need or joy.

On advent of the holy month of Ramadan that came in parallel with the new social distancing restrictions that are set on travel, movement and gathering of family members, “Orange” was keen to launch an advertising campaign that reflects current real life situations.

It also aims to providing psychological support to the Egyptians by giving them hope to be reunited again while direlcting its spending to multiple campaigns that are related to the corporate social responsibility that the company always places as a top priority.

Additionally, Orange has cooperated with the Emirati super star Hussain al-Jassmi, who deeply love Egypt and Egyptians and is well known for his voice that is full life, warmth and happiness. Al-Jassmi has always been present during joy and despair periods in the Egyptians’ life, and his voice will continue to spread hope in their hearts.

And Indeed, Al-Jassmi’s exceptional performance has earned the praise from millions of people on various social media platforms where they expressed their admiration for the idea of the advertisement, its goal and the warmth that the viewer and listener can feel in it.

Al-Jassmi expressed his happiness in participating with Orange Egypt in its Ramadan advertising campaign saying: “I was deeply attracted to the idea of traveling, pursuing life and moving on; which are the norms of life, and with the current conditions where the movement of human beings became restricted, the psychological support becomes the most vital weapon in facing the repercussions of the situation.”

When we say “We wish for a moment to reunite with our beloved ones,” we do not cry over the past, but we cherish the beautiful moments in our lives that gives us hope to commit and resist until we pass the crisis.

Al-Jassmi added: “In the song lyrics there are a lot of encouragement and reassurance in spreading hope between Egyptians, and I am very happy to participate in this advertising campaign because it is considered as a new engagement for me with the Egyptian audience, with whom I shared many important moments over the past years . I consider all Egyptians as my family and I am glad to send a positive message to them through this song.”

Al-Jassmi is having a large popularity in Egypt and the Arab world, he has more than 16 million followers on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, as well as tens of millions via satellite channels and through live concerts he conducts across the Arab world.

Hussain stated that the absence of famous stars in the ad is a message, saying that the Egyptian people are the real heroes and they will pass this difficult time by their courage and patience.

Al-Jassmi has a long career in music, giving and sharing concerns of the Arab nation, this has qualified him to be among the top 100 Arab celebrities in many lists, most notably the “Forbes” and “Arabian Business” lists, and he received an “Honorary Doctorate” twice, in 2015 from the Academy of Arts in Egypt In 2017, from the Egyptian branch of the Canadian State University of Cape Breton.

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