Over 15 mln visitors to Dubai in 2017 as Expo 2020 goal draws closer

Preparations for Expo 2020 across all industries especially the construction and hospitality sectors are in full swing in Dubai.

By the time Expo 2020 arrives, Dubai will have a lot more hospitality options including restaurants and hotels for its residents and visitors. In planning for Expo 2020, Dubai has set a visitor goal of 20 million per year beginning in 2020, which is likely to be met as the Emirate welcomed over 15 million visitors in 2017, displaying a remarkable increase of 6.2% over 2016.

Indeed, the travel and tourism sector in the UAE is expected to grow at 5% to over AED 260 billion by 2027. As such, to accommodate this many visitors and its growing resident population Dubai, and the whole of the UAE too, has embarked on multiple hospitality projects including restaurants and hotels. At present, there are over 29,000 hotel rooms in development across 95 hotels in Dubai. However, while all these new projects will contribute to Dubai’s and the UAE’s economy, a difficult task awaits them, and this is, getting their brand noticed in the market.

The new hospitality projects will require a lot of marketing support if they are to build and maintain their brand in Dubai’s super-competitive environment before, during, and after Expo 2020. To do this, they will need to engage professional expertise on the tactics, techniques, and strategies to be used in developing a strong and solid brand in the market. A key component in choosing a marketing agency is their competency in using all forms of media, especially digital, and their experience with the hospitality industry.

“We have been working with several hotels in Dubai on their advertising and marketing campaigns, digital content, and social media management. After implementing our plans and strategies, the reported improvements per outlet in just one year exceeded 500% for engagement, brand reach, and follower increase on social media platforms,” commented Rashad Fatairy, MD and Creative Director of Eleven Percent.

Realizing the importance of digital media in the UAE, GCC and Middle East, Eleven Percent concentrated on developing high-competency and capabilities in handling digital media through creative content creation and excellent social media management. “Our digital experience will be useful as everything is now online, especially in the hospitality sector, from viewing to booking hotel rooms, to reserving tables at restaurants. In developing marketing material for hotels, the work should represent the hotel and its facilities.,” noted Fatairy.

Their commitment to developing and implementing well thought-out strategies and compelling high-quality work is the reason for Eleven Percent’s success today. At Eleven Percent, a company formed to support marketing requirements through a unique digital service for companies large and small, experienced professionals provide cutting-edge quality work with quick turnaround and fast communication. “We make sure our clients do not feel the difference between working with us and having an in-house creative team. As a result, we endeavour towards fast communication, meeting and exceeding deadlines.”

Another selling point in addition to Eleven Percent’s digital media competencies, fast and efficient communication, is cost. Because of Eleven Percent’s unique business model the company charges almost 50% lower than the market rate. “Our business ethics and model ensures our clients receive high-quality work done by creative professionals with over ten years of experience, all while saving time and finances,” emphasized Fatairy.