‘People Of Egypt Forum’ Seeks Egyptian Economy Upgrade

On Saturday, ‘People of Egypt Forum’ has been launched by a group of businessmen, economists, and media figures aiming at finding ways to develop and upgrade the Egyptian economy so that it would get through the current critical phase.

‘People of Egypt Forum’ includes 16 members mainly; Dr. Amr Khaled – the founder of Life Makers Union, Dr. Samir El-Naggar – Chairman of the Egyptian Seed Association (ESAS), Eng. Ahmed El Sewedy – President & CEO of El Sewedy Electric (SWDY.CA), Dr. Ahmed Bahgat and Dr. Farouk El Okdah – Governor of Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) along with a number of Egyptian businessmen and figures.

The founders have asserted that the forum’s message is to elevate the Egyptian citizens to their deserved position.

“The Forum aims at adopting profound solutions for all the fields that would safeguard the nation’s interests through reaching practical alternatives for such issues of recruitment, upgrading mass media and developing tourism – which attracts international and regional investments.” Dr. Amr Khaled, the Forum chairman, added

“The forum is also looking forward to restoring the state’s agricultural sovereignty.”

Amr Khaled mentioned that upholding the country’s interests, self-denial and absolute transparency are at the forefront of the forum’s set of values and principles.

“The forum also adopts an economic vision based on promoting two vital sectors; agriculture and tourism.”

Khaled said Egypt used to have agricultural sovereignty over the nations in the past; agriculture is one of the key elements in pushing the economic development wheel forward.

On tourism, Amr Khaled said Egypt enjoys overwhelming superiority in this field, therefore the forum targets drawing further ideas so as to enhance this sector.

“The Forum seeks providing all the proposed studies and mechanisms for problems the decision makers, political parties and civil societies encounter.”