Petroleum Products Are Sufficient Till August 2014: Egypt’s Supply

Major General Mohamed Abou Shady, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, has asserted that the petroleum products are sufficient till August 2014, explaining that the country bought its need for a year by Arab support and there won’t be any problems  regarding the petroleum products, noting that there is coordination between the Petroleum and Supply Ministries, in order to provide many butane cylinders within the coming winter session.

Abou Shady has affirmed his keenness to visit the markets so as to view the efforts and the availability of goods for citizens’ to access their needs.

Abou Shady added that ‘Our main target is to make the citizen accessing their needs, asserting the presence of strategic stock .

Moreover, he further said ‘ we have many firms working to freeze vegetables and export them worldwide, calling the citizens to use the available alternative goods  in case of raising the prices.