PM Ismail: Egypt’s Cabinet reshuffle to include 9 ministries

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Egypt’s Cabinet reshuffle in Egypt will include nine ministries from the economic and public service ministries group, Prime Minister Sherif Ismail said in a media statement on Monday evening.

The PM said that the new reshuffle would include the merger of two ministries into one.

Ismail said the Cabinet plans to appoint four deputies for each minister, following the success of a similar experience at the Ministry of Finance.

The PM did not reveal which ministries will witness a change in leadership or which will be merged.

He also confirmed that the list of names of ministerial candidates in the reshuffle was submitted on Monday to the House of Representatives, which is set to vote on the changes on Tuesday.

“The philosophy of change adopted by the Cabinet depends mainly on continuing the social and economic reforms,” the statement said.

Source: Ahram online