Port Said On Alert, Asks Army To Confront Infiltrators

A reliable source in PSPA, Port Said Port Authority, stated that both of West and East Port Said Ports declared alert and called on the Second Field Army to secure the roads to East Port Said Port. And also, they called for forming groups of soldiers to secure the entrances and exits of Port Said in order to prevent infiltrators to enter the governorate amid the volatile circumstances in the city.

On Friday, the army forces paid off in convincing the protestors in Port Said city to open the road leading to East Port Said Port, as the army confirmed that they will support their legitimate demands.

It is worth mentioning that the families in Port Foud city blocked the road to East Port Said Port by trees and flamed tires on both directions; preventing the cars to  pass. This led to suspending work partially in East Port Said port and not allowing trucks to pass.