Portugal Eases Travel Warning to Luxor, Aswan

The Portuguese government has decided to exclude Luxor and Aswan from its travel alert on Egypt on Saturday in the light of the efforts exerted by the Egyptian embassy in Portugal during the previous period.

Mahfouz Ali, the Head of Egyptian Tourism Minister’s office, asserted to Amwal Al Ghad that Portugal’s decision to ease the travel warnings on Egypt’s Luxor and Aswan reflects a new development in the country’s tourism industry revival.

Ali further noted that Aswan and Luxor were weighed most by the recent political unrest in Egypt.

Countries that have reduced travel warnings to Egypt include Russia, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Denmark, the Netherlands, Finland, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Norway, France, Slovenia, Belgium, The Czech Republic, Sweden, Estonia, and Switzerland.

Several countries advised their citizens against travelling to Egypt following mass protests against the ruling Muslim Brotherhood on 30 June. A few days later the military responded to the protests by deposing president Mohamed Morsi. 
Tourism Minister Hisham Zaazouhas been touring the world to persuade officials to remove travel warnings imposed on Egypt, most recently Germany, France and Russia. The latter sent security experts to Egypt’s Red Sea governorate to verify its safety.