Powercut caused by Pylon Bombs cost Egypt Media Complex EGP1.2 million

A powercut at a key media complex near Cairo on Tuesday, caused by bombings at two nearby electricity pylons, caused an estimated 1.2 million Egyptian pounds in losses (US$157,000), Egypt’s electricity minister told Al-Ahram Arabic website.

Six improvised bombs detonated late Monday night at two pylons in 6 October City, causing a blackout at the nearby Egyptian Media Production City (EMPC) and forcing several satellite channels off air.

Minister of Electricity Mohamed Shaker said that fixing the two electricity pylons, which are located four kilometres away from the Nilesat-run site, would take between seven to ten days.

Power was later restored by generators, although Shaker said that the electricity to the site is currently being provided by the Sheikh Zeyad grid.

A third electricity pylon in 6 October city was bombed on Tuesday, leaving factories in the area without power according to some media reports.

Islamist militants have typically targeted the security forces since the ouster of Mohamed Morsi in 2013, but some attacks are directed at infrastructure including electricity pylons and railway tracks.

Source: Ahram Online