President Sisi opens fifth youth forum in Cairo

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi opened Wednesday the fifth youth forum in Cairo with wide participation from political figures and parties, civil society groups and youth representatives.

The president said in his opening speech that the conference presents an opportunity for dialogue for the sake of Egypt.

Sisi stressed the need to talk, listen and understand a number of issues in order to continue the process of building the Egyptian state. The conference’s agenda comprises three sessions.

The first session is titled “The Youth’s Vision for the Egyptian Political Scene,” includes a discussion among youth representatives on challenges and prospects for the participation of youth in political life, and the future of political parties in the country.

The second session, the vision of the Egyptian state for the upcoming four years, will include an analysis of the latest presidential elections.

The third session will be titled “Ask the President,” in which Sisi is set to answer a variety of questions submitted by citizens over the past few days to the president through the online service at

Source: Ahram Online

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