Public Invited To Give Evidence To UK Review Of Muslim Brotherhood

The UK government has called on the public to provide information which may help its review of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Prime Minister David Cameron recently commissioned an internal government review into the Islamist group, which has been banned as a terrorist organisation in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

According of its term of reference, the review will look into the group’s values, activities, policies, philosophy, activities, impact and influence on the British national interests, at home and abroad.

The review team, led by Sir John Jenkins, Britain’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia, asked any interested parties or individuals to send information.

“Submissions should be no longer than 3,000 words and include a summary of up to 500 words,” Cameron’s office said in a statement issued on its website.

A spokesman for the prime minister’s office told Ahram Online that this was a procedural statement, confirming that Jenkins’ team was commissioned to make a review, not conduct a legal or judicial investigation.

He confirmed that the deadline for the receipt of evidence was Friday, 30 May 2014.

The review is expected to be completed by July.

Despite expressing “surprise” at the UK government’s step, the Brotherhood has confirmed its readiness to cooperate with the review.

A spokeswoman for David Cameron told Ahram Online that the group would be consulted.

The government advised that all submission may be published, in whole or in part. However, any material that should remain confidential should be clearly marked as such.

Source : Ahram online