Refaat al-Daba’a: Shafiq Can Be a Successful President

Dr. Refaat al-Daba’a, head of educational media department in Tanta University, asserted that not all former regime’s figures are corrupted, and not all forthcoming figures are reformist or revolutionary.

He called al the political powers and parties to adapt the current incidents and peacefully dealing with them. Egypt is in a real crisis and need a candidate who solve away from his political backgrounds.

Economic platforms of Senior Commander Ahmed Shafiq and Dr Mohamed Morsi are not eligible to be implemented, al-Daba’a added.

He referred to objectivity and impartiality of media in coverage. He mentioned the role of the governmental media of the former regime which was propagating the ruling power, and their debt which reached EGP 25 billion.

This came during his participation in “Al Shab Yoreed” (People Want) on Al Tahrir channel with host Dina Abdel Fattah.