Relativity postpones launch of Terran 1 rocket at last minute

U.S. aerospace manufacturing company, Relativity Space, has postponed the first launch of its entirely 3D-printed rocket, Terran 1, on Wednesday for the most significant test yet of the company’s ambitious manufacturing approach.

The rocket named Terran 1 measures around 110ft, and about 85 percent of it is made of 3D-parts printed at Relativity Space’s factory.

This percent of 3D-printed components includes the engine, beside the structure capable of carrying up to 1,250kg into low-Earth orbit.

The launch attempt took place at a former missile site at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. The mission was aborted due to “exceeding launch limits for propellant thermal conditions on stage 2,” the company tweeted.

The countdown was halted with just over a minute remaining on the countdown. Relativity Space called its rocket the largest 3D-printed object to attempt a launch, and explained it targets increasing the percentage of 3D-printed components used in the future.


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