Remembering Mustafa Mahmoud, philosopher of his time

Today marks the 10th death anniversary of Mustafa Kamal Mahmoud, an Egyptian doctor, thinker, author, and philosopher.

Mahmoud was born on 25 December 1921 in Shibin el-Kom in the Egyptian governorate of Monufia and died on 31 October 2009, leaving behind a rich philosophical and scientific heritage to be remembered with.

He was trained as a doctor, but later chose a career as a journalist and author, traveling and writing on many subjects.

In 1979, Mahmoud built a mosque in Mohendessin that carries his name.

He wrote 89 books in science, philosophy, religion, politics, and society as well as plays, tales, and travelogues.

Mostafa Mahmoud’s face is well-recognised by every Egyptian, thanks to the TV show he presented “Science and Faith.”