Egypt’s GASC to Supply 212K Tons of Rice Within 2 Months

The General Authority for Supply Commodities (GASC), has targeted to supply 212 K tons of rice within the coming two months to compete with 75 companies from the private and public sectors.

Magdi Al Waliliy, Deputy of Rice Committee at Agricultural Export Council (AEC), has asserted that 75 companies were presented in the tender, including 68 companies for the private sector and 8 companies for the public sector, pointing out that , El-Reyada, El-Waliliy and El-Yousr are the most companies seized rice and from the public sector Sharkeya and Gharbeya rice mills.

He has expected that the price of rice ton is ranging between EGP2950 to EGP3050, asserting that GASC called the Minister of Supply and Trade Interior, Mohamed Abou Shady to determine the quantities of each supplying company with thousand tons minimum and of 3 thousand maximum, as well as supplying rice will be restricted for the enrolled in the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI), Chamber of Grain Industry, demanding to reduce the delivery period from3 months to one month.

He explained that the ministry has agreed to deliver to the rice milling land rather than wholesale companies, in addition tightening control over the delivery committees, adding that a committee was formed to re-devise the quality and speculative possibilities.

Al-Waliliy further noted that  GASC has agreed to divide the quantities supplied from the rice suppliers, affirming that there are some suppliers are assigned to supply large amounts which impede them from supplying rice, causing a large deficit in the delivery of supplied rice for citizens.