Saudi Arabia lays foundation of $675.7 mln medical city in Egypt

Egypt and Saudi Arabia have laid foundation on Friday of a Saudi-financed new medical city in Alexandria, dubbed as Batterjee Medical City.

The city costs 8 billion Egyptian pounds ($675.7 million) of Saudi investments, located in Alex West in the international coastal road in Alexandria.

Saudi Consul General in Egypt Mansour bin Mohammed Salem, and Mohamed Khodeir, chairman of the Egyptian General Authority for Investments (GAFI) have witnessed the inauguration of the new medical city.

The Batterjee Medical City project includes 4 stages.

The first stage aims to build general hospital consisting of 300 beds at a cost of one billion and half pounds and homes for workers at cost of 110 million pounds.

It is scheduled to complete this stage at the end of 2019.

The second stage is set to include seven specialised hospitals at cost ranging between 6 billion pounds and 8 billion pounds in addition to homes for employees worth 20 million pounds.

The third stage is to consist of a medical tower encompassing 220 medical clinics at a cost estimated at 200 million pounds.

The fourth stage will include building a college for medical sciences and technology worth around 700 million pounds.

The Egyptian medical city will offer specialised medical services for citizens, and the residents of all the Northern governorates, and patients coming from Libya.