Saudi Foreign minister to Ganzouri: $3.75b to support Egypt

Saud Faisal, Saudi foreign minister, said his country is committed to support Egyptian economy with$ 3.75billion, referring that Saudi Arabia transmitted $500 million as a conferment to support Egyptian budget; as that was the Prince Saud’s respond to Dr Kamal AL Ganzouri, PM.
Al Faisal- according to the Saudi news agency, on Tuesday-mentioned that Saudi government doesn’t hesitate to help Egyptian people; illustrating that the Egyptian side hasn’t decided the economic priorities for internal reasons.

he explained that King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz keens to the interest of the brotherly Egyptian nation, as the kingdom has committed before to support Egypt in order to face the challenges that Egyptian economy suffer from, and this through aids reached $3.75 billion.

He added that “the Kingdom transmitted $500 million, a conferment to support Egyptian budget, as this sum was transmitted to the Egyptian ministry of finance account, in Egyptian central bank on May 16, 2011

Press reports for Ganzouri two day ago stated that” Arab and Foreign countries pledge to provide Egypt with aids but haven’t kept their pledge”.

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