Shortage of Heavy Fuel Threatens Quena Paper Co.

Quena Paper Industry Company has sent a letter to Eng. Osama Kamal, minister of petroleum and mineral resources; calling for increasing the company’s share of heavy fuel oil, from 138 tons to 350 tons every day. This is through El-Neel Oil Marketing Company, an affiliate to the ministry of petroleum.

Mohamed Al Sharouny, Managing Director for the Financial and Commercial Affairs, said the rate of the factory’s daily use ranges between 300-350 tons of heavy fuel oil. He referred the retreat of exports during the last 3 months to the crisis of the petroleum products which came about last period.

The factory faced a crisis which is falling the quantities of the heavy fuel oil, provided by El-Neel Oil Marketing Company, 60% than the daily rate, and will finish within 2 days.

He added that the company is the biggest exporter of domestic paper, which used in printing the school books. It is also the first exporter to Alamiria. It is annual production amounts to 120.000 tons.