Sinai Bus Accident Drivers Tested Negative For Drugs: Prosecution

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Drug testing administered on the drivers of Friday’s bus crash in South Sinai that resulted in the death of 44 people gave a negative result, South Sinai’s prosecution said Saturday.

In the early hours of Friday, two buses collided in South Sinai en route to Sharm El-Sheikh touristic resort.

Alongside the dead, 35 others were injured in the collision.

Following the accident, South Sinai prosecution ordered the detention and drug testing of drivers Hossam Lutfi, 35, and Mustafa Ahmed Mohamed, 42.

The prosecution also ordered a technical investigation to determine the speeds of two vehicles and attempt to reconstruct how the accident happened.

The governor of South Sinai, Khaled Fouda, stressed that El-Tor International Road — where the accident occured — meets international standards.

However, an anonymous source in the South Sinai governorate told Al-Ahram’s Arabic news website that El-Tor International Road, which starts from the Ahmed Hamdy Tunnel, links the two banks of the Suez Canal, and extends to Sharm El-Sheikh, lacks radar services.

Egyptian Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab said Saturday that the accident resulted from a “human error.”

Egypt’s drivers will be attending training programmes soon in an effort to reduce the number of road accidents, added Mahlab, underlining that measures would be taken to increase the number of drivers travelling on long freeways and consequently reduce their driving hours.

Source : Ahram online