Sisi calls on citizens to closely observe COVID-19 preventive measures

Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi has called on Egyptians to adhere to preventive measures against COVID-19 to curb the spread of the virus, which the president said “still exists” in the country.

El-Sisi made the statement in a televised speech that took place during a meeting held on Tuesday with high-level officials to review the current situation concerning the coronavirus in Egypt.

“The awareness of citizens is the true vaccine,” the Egyptian president said, calling on citizens to wear facemasks and follow social distancing guidelines.

Sisi also indicated that there is currently an increase in the infection rate, which means that the government should take more strict measures like those implemented during the first wave.

“We had to shut down schools, universities, shops, restaurants and impose a partial curfew. We do not want to repeat the lockdown implemented during the first wave of the coronavirus,” the president said, adding that a lockdown will not be implemented again as long as the public adheres to safety measures.

The president also said that while the pandemic has had a severe impact on the world economy, “it did not impact Egypt as much due to the economic reform programme and how you, the citizens, have handled it.”