Sony launches its New 4k Security Camera

Sony is adding 4K imaging to its line of security technologies, with the new SNC-VM772R camera.

The new model combines the enhanced resolution of 4K with low-light sensitivity leveraging 1.0 type back Illuminated Exmor R CMOS image sensor, bandwidth optimization features, and intelligent scene capture capability to adopt the best picture quality, ideal for city surveillance, transportation, railway, traffic monitoring and airport surveillance applications. 4K technology gives security users the ability to capture content at four times the resolution of Full HD (1080p).

“4K is the new standard in video security, but 4K imaging is about more than just increased resolution,” said Aydin Tolan, Business Head, Visual Security Solutions, Sony Professional Solutions MEA. “We believe 4K is the next resolution standard in the security industry and is key to expanding the application potential  of security cameras. The increased resolution covers a larger area in greater detail, improving situational awareness and ensuring nothing is missed. These benefits help security professionals reduce installation and operating costs as fewer cameras are needed for specific areas.”

Sony says it has developed several unique technologies to overcome the challenges of 4K cameras in the market: improving visibility and light sensitivity while reducing the amount of bandwidth needed to handle large 4K files.

Higher-resolution imaging has traditionally come at the expense of low-light sensitivity.  The new SNC-VM772R uses a 1.0 type 20MP Exmor R sensor and is capable of 0.1 lx sensitivity for clear image capture in light and dark conditions. A back-lit structure doubles the camera’s light sensitivity and a built-in infrared (IR) light source which enhances low-light use and nighttime shooting with visibility at longer distances. In wide area coverage, various lighting conditions exist during the day and night.  SNC-VM772R also has 90dB wide dynamic range and 30fps to deliver clear, sharp images for better visibility and recognition.

Finally, a 2.9-times motorized zoom lens is matched to the image sensor to maximize video resolution. The lens features optical image stabilization and helps capture images with low distortion. The new camera uses Sony’s unique bandwidth optimization technologies so users can customize streaming settings and the camera’s operation.