Spring Day raise Occupancy in Sharm Al Skeikh

Due to approaching the Spring Day and the Egyptian Copts’ celebrations of Easter, the occupancy rate in Sharm Al Sheikh 5 stars hotels increased by 90%.

Salem Saleh, the director of Tourism Office in Sharm Al Sheikh, said that this occupancy rate boosted by 90% due to the promotions, the hotels offer, that depends on interior and foreign tourism reservations; especially the 5 stars hotels during this period, April 1 to 15.

Saleh explained that the hotels have deals with the international airlines and offer promotions for the coming groups; as the tour includes the stay and flight price, from $ 500 to 600.

He mentioned that Sharm Al Sheikh port received about 3000 tourists on the two ships “Kosta” and “Eida”. This will reactivates tourism in the governorate, assuring on the security in the Red Sea region.

Salem added that occupancy rate in Sharm al Sheikh was between 54% and 67% during March.

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