Steve Farris: Free Zone Agreement Demanded … Obama Supports Democratic Transition

G. Steven Farris, Chairman of US Egyptian Business Council (USEBC), during the events of the US delegation to Egypt, said about 50 US company, represented by 100 businessmen,  came to support Egypt and establish commercial relation with Egypt, as well to advance the economic dialogue.

Farris added that the US international business community seeks establishing strong business relations with Egypt, as Egypt will also benefits from these experiences.

The US- Egyptian negotiations over establishing free trade zone between the two countries should be resumed, Steven Farris said. The US believes that there are enormous opportunities in Egypt, and the private sector is the best for these opportunities.

The USEBC Chairman asserted that President Barack Obama strongly sustains the process of the democratic transition in Egypt; referring to 4 ways for achieving this transition, they are the economic, political and social reforms, consequently  a stable climate will be achieved in Egypt.