Sudanese Insurance Eyes US$20mn Premiums in 3 Years

Managing Director of Sudanese Insurance and Reinsurance Company Hassan El Sayed said his company eyes US$20 million premiums within the upcoming 3 years.

In statements to Amwal Al Ghad, Hassan explained that the size of achieved premiums reached around US$12 million in the last year, El Sayed explained.

Sudanese Insurance’s capital is 5 million Sudanese pounds, the company is planning supporting its financial center during the next 3 years through pumping 5 million Sudanese pounds with paid up capital ups to 10 million Sudanese pounds, El Sayed added.
The company’s strategy in the coming phase including following all the modern marketing methods to promote its products along with planning to market the products through the various telecommunication devices, most notably the medical insurance and micro insurance, El Sayed noted.