Suez Cement’s Italcementi To Establish Logistics Zone In Bulgaria

Italgen (Italcementi Group), which owns 55% of  Suez Cement (SUCE.CA) stakes, is planning within this year to establish a logistics zone to enhance the moving process of cement from Bulgaria to the rest of the European countries.

Bruno Carré, Managing Director of Suez Cement group of Companies (SCGC), said the costs of the logistics zone establishment totaled at €150 million ($181 million).

“Italcementi Group’s project plans to replace the old production lines with new ones which would save energy consumption rates.”

Carré Suez noted that Suez Cement targets to promote its exports to its main clients, the Gulf markets. The company also plans to boost its exports to its post-revolution clients, the Libyan markets, he added.

“Suez Cement’s exports hit 5% (about 0.5 million tons) of the company’s total production which amounts to 12 million tons.

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