Suez Insurance’s Workers Donate EGP0.5 million to ‘Long Live Egypt’ Fund

Workers in Suez Canal Insurance, a leading Egyptian composite insurer, decided to contribute to the national economy by donating a half million Egyptian pounds for Long Live Egypt Fund.

Egyptian Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab received Monday evening a cheque worth 500.000 million Egyptian pounds (US$70 million) from Suez’s workers in favour of ‘Long Live Egypt’ Fund.

This comes after Mahlab had met with Suez Canal Insurance’s Chairman Mohamed Adel Fathy, who gave him the cheque.

Mehleb expressed gratitude for the worker’s contribution, saying the workers are the builders of Egypt’s future.

The ‘Long Live Egypt’ Fund was originally initiated by Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to support and revive the cash-strapped national economy.