Tamarod: Violations after Adopting Constitution Will Not Be Accepted

Tamarod (Rebel) movement said that any violations of rights and freedoms after the adoption of the new constitution is unacceptable, in a statement it issued on Monday.

Tamarod is a youth movement that organized demonstrations last year to topple former President Mohamed Morsi, who was ousted by the military in July.

The movement participated alongside other political forces in putting together with the army a roadmap for Egypt’s transitional phase.

Tamarod said that if it “has ignored events that were not in line with the two revolutions of January 25 and June 30, in addition to some violations, that was because of the dangerous phase that preceded the constitution’s approval.”

“Egypt now has a constitution that establishes rights and freedoms… any violations against the constitution will not be acceptable.”

The statement added that there will be “no return to the pre-January 25 (uprising that toppled autocratic Hosni Mubarak) corruption and oppression after June 30 (protests that deposed Morsi.”

The Supreme Judicial Committee for Elections announced on Saturday that the constitution voted on last week has passed with 98.1 percent approval with an overall turnout of 20,366,173.

Interim President Adli Mansour said that “the constitution is not an end but a means on the right path,” in a speech celebrating its adoption on Sunday.