TE Data Offers ’10G’ ADSL Services to Egypt’s Banks

TE-Data, the internet arm of Telecom Egypt (TE) has started to provide ’10G’ high speed internet services ADSL to banks.

CEO of TE, Mohamed Al-Nawawi, has revealed that TE Data provided ADSL for two banks, rejecting to disclose the two banks names.

Al-Nawawi, has explained that the current services confined only on the mobile phone operators within the last period, targeting to need high-speed to provide its services, asserting that the financial sector is aiming to make the best use of internet high prevalence in order to provide new services to comply with the users’ needs who reached nearly 31 million.

The National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA), has revealed that TE-Data, the internet arm of Telecom Egypt (TE) has captured 61.6% share of ADSL in Egypt by the end of the second quarter of 2013, the  latest reports.

The report has explained the continuation of TE to be in the foreground of the internet market , with share reached 1.47 million subscribers, from the total of 2.39 million in June 2013, pointing out that the company has attracted 61 K subscribers to seize 69% of the new customers of internet market who reached 88 K subscribers.

The growth rate of the number of ADSL subscribers during Q2 of the current year up 22% in compared to the Q2 of 2012.