Teargas Fired At Anti-Morsi Protesters In Upper Egypt

Hundreds of people have staged anti-government protests in Sohag, Upper Egypt, where President Mohamed Morsi is holding a meeting with several ministers and governors.

Protesters gathered in Al-Thaqafa Square in Sohag city Saturday, chanting against the government’s policies and Morsi’s visit to the city.

Clashes reportedly broke out between the protesters and police, who fired teargas to disperse the crowds. A number of people suffered from breathing difficulties as a result.

Morsi also had to cancel a meeting at Sohag University with the university’s faculty and students, as hundreds of students protested against his visit and held up signs against him saying, “President Morsi, we do not want you.”

Earlier, dozens of protesters gathered on Akhmim Bridge across from Sohag’s administrative governorate building where Morsi was holding his meeting with ministers. They chanted against the Muslim Brotherhood and shouted that Morsi’s rule was no different from his predecessor, ousted president Hosni Mubarak.

Morsi and Prime Minister Hisham Qandil are visiting Sohag to launch a development plan for Upper Egypt. They plan to meet with 14 ministers and ten governors from the region.

Morsi also inaugurated the third phase of the National Housing Project, which includes 1,272 new housing units in Sohag.