Technical Expert: By 2050 Petrol will be drained

Amwal Al Ghad:

A technical expert assured that petrol will be drained by 2050, so it has to use alternative resources to save energy. He added that exploiting 1% of the available desert areas in Egypt save about 15% of energy that Europe needs. So the EU should be called for having projects in Egypt for solar energy.

He said Egypt can benefit from this energy to meet its needs and the rest could be exported to the European side through marine cables, as these projects can generate high income to the state.

Dr Sameh Said- the technical expert and professor in the engineering college in Cairo University- said in a seminar on the green energy that it’s expected that new legislations will be issued in the coming decade to limit petrol exploit.

Said criticized Egypt’s delay in entering the nuclear reactors era, as we haven’t settled on the place of having the nuclear reactor, where most of the nuclear countries like America and Europe close their nuclear reactors and tend to use solar energy and wind power to generate electricity.

He said that the world became busy with saving the petrol alternatives as a resource of energy since 1973. Although, during these years, the western countries have been searching for new resources for energy, but this doesn’t matter with us, Arabs and Egyptians; as if petrol will last forever.