Telecom Egypt picks Ciena for resilient optical mesh network

Telecom Egypt is selecting Hanover-based Ciena’s GeoMesh (NYSE:CIEN) solution and packet-optical platforms for reliable, low-latency connectivity to meet surging demands for high-bandwidth services on its national terrestrial network and submarine links between the Mediterranean and Asia.

To offer granular, agile and reliable data services between Europe and Asia, Telecom Egypt (TE) has partnered on Monday with Ciena to build a next-generation optical mesh network, said Virginie Hollebecque, Managing Director for Western Europe and Middle East at Ciena.

With a more agile and scalable network, Telecom Egypt’s wholesale carrier, service provider, internet content provider and consortium customers will be able to provide diverse data transit routes for international data center interconnect (DCI), disaster recovery, cloud-based services, and other high-capacity services for enterprise and consumer end-customers.

Ciena said that the GeoMesh solution also allows Telecom Egypt to proactively resolve unexpected issues and maintain network reliability. Ciena’s 6500 and 5430 packet-optical platforms, powered by WaveLogic Extreme coherent optics, allows Telecom Egypt to offer a diverse mix of services over high-capacity wavelengths; supporting any type of traffic, including fully transparent optical transport networks (OTN), virtual private networks (VPN), optical VPN and Ethernet services, all with stringent SLAs.

“Ciena’s technology and mesh network give us a real advantage, ensuring greater reliability and efficiencies. With Ciena enabling more granular high-bandwidth services our customers can evolve their networks and transition to a much wider suite of resilient, scalable connectivity options. Telecom Egypt is also ready to embrace upcoming technologies, like network functions virtualization (NFV).” Tamer Gadalla, Chief Executive Officer of Telecom Egypt, said.

“Telecom Egypt truly sits at the heart of the African and Middle Eastern telecommunications markets. With Ciena’s industry-leading submarine solutions, Telecom Egypt is making the most of its unique geographical position and strategic network assets, enhancing both reliability and the end-user experience. Cost-effective, scalable and competitive connectivity also enables Telecom Egypt to launch new, next-generation data services across this critical route.” Gary Smith, President & Chief Executive Officer of Ciena, said.