Tensions Remain At Aswan Church Over Alleged Kidnapping, Forced Conversion

Tensions remain high in Kom Ombo, Upper Egypt on Friday morning after a church was attacked with Molotov cocktails in a dispute over a Muslim woman who was allegedly kidnapped and forcibly converted to Christianity.

Security forces have extinguished the fire, Al-Ahram Arabic news website reported.

Protesters also tried to block the Cairo-Aswan highway with flaming tires but they were removed by security forces.

Aswan security directorate chief Hassan Abdel-Hai said the situation at the church had been contained. Several people were injured and several vehicles were damaged in the violence, he added.

Clashes began on Thursday between hundreds of locals over a 37-year-old Muslim woman who had allegedly been kidnapped and forced to convert to Christianity.

Others say the woman converted of her own free will.

The whereabouts of the woman is still unknown.

Police used teargas in an attempt to end the violence between local Coptic Christians who were protecting the church from local Muslims throwing rocks.

Source:Al Ahram online